About Us

Marty Galin is a trusted chef, television and radio personality and producer. Beer Buddies, Moveable Feast. 5 years on CFRB, another 5 on AM640 for Marty and Avrum and The Food Guys. Marty has organized the world’s largest salad in Scarborough feeding over 15000 people.

Marty’s trusted partner Chef Core Lee has international experience in cooking recipes from around the world. He’s been cooking at an early age and worked and learned alongside many chefs. He does many conventions that offer many different foods cooking for many events and dinners preparing dishes from a range of ethnicities – such as Korean-style Beef Short Ribs, Italian Porchetta, Oxtail Stew etc…

Marty and Core have worked hard in developing this new handheld pie product, creating flavours that are interesting fun and dynamic.

” A Pie in Every Hand. A Smile on Every Face.”

When we say ‘a pie in every hand’ it’s true. These pies you can eat while walking, talking or just enjoying television. Marty G’s Savory Pies are an experience that will bring you back again and again to enjoy with family and friends.